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These articles are particularly written with those in mind who have exposure to both spirituality and the inception of the December 21, 2012 ascension phenomenon. The extent of spirituality requisite in this section is limited to having a somewhat introductory knowledge of the ‘Truth’ and certain fundamentals, which although beyond the usual superstition of traditional religion and false conception of causality, pertain to only a rudimentary understanding of God, Cosmos, and humans within the Omniverse from the standpoint of 3D paradigm of reality.  

For a detailed understanding of certain vital facts and introduced ‘new’ ideas in these articles, the reader is referred to the section entitled ‘Fundamentals.’

To grasp a better comprehension and clarity regarding the ‘Truth,’ of 2012 Ascension, Cosmos, and Humanity please refer to ‘Progressively Advanced Topics.’

All materials introduced are greatly influenced by the recent channelings of the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, and other deities of the Angelics Realm to humanity with a particular emphasis on the teachings of Archangel/Lord Metatron.