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About the Author


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Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi is a self-retired professor of Non-Linear Continuum Mechanics with specialization in “Micromechanics of Materials,” an area in science which was introduced by him and soon made popularized by other scientists in early 19980s. Dr. Sarfarazi’s Ph.D. thesis, which was totally devised, completed, and successfully ‘defended’ by him, without any supervision, was the first manuscript marrying the qualitative experimental account of Material Science and the advanced quantitative theoretical mathematical modeling of Continuum Mechanics. A host of materials were thoroughly studied by Dr. Sarfarazi from ceramics, polycrystalline metals, fiber and particulate composites, concrete, etc. from their scientific inceptions to date, and finally Dr. Sarfarazi decided to concentrate his attention on a new and pioneering field he termed ‘micromechanics,’ and wrote his thesis on “A Micromechanical Constitutive Modeling of Brittle Crystalline Solids.” Several articles were extracted from the thesis and were published and archived in the International ‘Journal of Fracture Mechanics.’

The field quickly took off by many other scholars, soon culminating in numerous publications, complete symposiums, and even new University Departments dedicated to the subject area of ‘Micromechanics.’ Of particular interest were publications by a certain individual whose name shall remain unsaid, referred to as the ‘culprit’ herein, who promptly copied Dr. Sarfarazi’s formulation and applied it to the constitutive modeling of concrete and such materials. These papers were result of thesis of at least two Ph.D. students who received the gift of formulation from him. These ‘scientific works’ were, of course, a total miss, an act of utter mental masturbation, by the virtue of the fact that Dr. Sarfarazi’s formulation was, indeed, a genuine theory on the microstructural level that clearly addressed the phenomenon of microcrack nucleation, opening of a continuum or innerspace into detectable space, as a result of pile-up of dislocations as inherent defects in the microstructure of the polycrystalline matter. In this regard, Dr. Sarfarazi’s formulation was purely theoretical, in an abstract sense, which did not use any ‘fitting’ of unverifiable constants that would otherwise render the formulation redundant in favor of a more simplified, artless, yet ‘logical’ [under the circumstances] fitting procedure. The only constant derived by Dr. Sarfarazi’s formulation was a single parameter, which was completely verifiable through experimentation, as a result of its consequent derived relation with respect to certain fundamental parameters defining the geometrical configuration of the crystalline structure such as HCP, BCC, FCC, etc., as well material constants. Therefore, this new constant, which appeared in the equation as a result of mathematical modeling and characterization of the nature of microcrack nucleation in the type of material in question, was appropriately termed as the “Coefficient of Microcrack Nucleation.” 

Conversely, blind application of the said derived formulation to any type of material with diverse microstructural characteristics is a futile act.  Unfortunately, there is a sad game of ego that is played in scientific and educational forum mostly in the United States and the Western Hemisphere, from the point of view of intent to produce increased publication volume, and haughty and arrogant participation in related ‘scientific’ social gathering that is disappointing and contrary to the noble notion of striving for higher consciousness. The entire practice is ego-based and to a large extent useless. To shed further insight to the aforementioned scenario, it needs to be pointed out that ‘the culprit’ was a member of Dr. Sarfarazi’s Ph.D. defense committee at University of Illinois at Chicago, who during the entire ‘out of the norm’ and lengthy course of Dr. Sarfarazi’s presentation to the committee, ruthlessly and purposefully interrupted the session, constantly harassing and badgering the Ph.D. candidate with defensive, deceitful, and irrelevant inquisitory questions [as declared and rectified by the Department Head Dr. Wu] in order to discredit the defense. Furthermore, ‘the culprit’ was the very same committee member that scornfully, mockingly, and sarcastically was questioning and attempting to ridicule the candidate as to his ‘audacity’ and ‘ambition’ to want to come up with a new area of science of mechanics, that of “micromechanics.” Ironically, soon after, he was diligently pursuing a career and attempting to get recognition in the subject area by organizing new symposium in “Micromechanics,” by chairing sessions, writing papers, and claiming allegiance to and sovereignty in the subject area. Mankind can, indeed, be amusingly fickle, and it is all product of ego-based personality. Indeed, when it came to ego, ‘the culprit’ always tipped the scale, as was noted by all the students who took his courses. 

And, this was the primary reason that the author soon stopped pursuing a further career in research. Shortly, after engaging in research and teaching at such higher research and educational institutions as University of Maryland, Army’s Ballistic Research Laboratory, Atlantic Research Corporation, and the Institute of Paper Science and Technology of the Georgia Institute of Technology, he decided to retire from science and education.

Interestingly enough, despite his educational and scientific background, the author soon came to the BELIEF that the ‘Universe is all complete and we cannot further add to its consciousness through research.’ Additionally, and surprisingly, the author soon came to the intuitive understanding that ‘we contain the knowledge of ALL THERE IS within us.’ Consequently, his initial noble strive of ‘wanting to change the Universe through scientific research’ soon subsided. He soon came to the intuitive realization that ‘we can discover, and we can invent; but we can never create from abstract as ALL THAT CAN BE CREATED FROM ABSTRACT already exists.’

Furthermore, his direct experience with facing the Dark as exemplified by his recognition of ego, jealousy and deceit as manifested by expression of aggression and intent for debauchery, injustice, and act of oppression by ‘the culprit’, clearly disappointed the author from further venturing in science. Although the lesson of avoiding competition and jealousy was already learned and mastered by the author by age 9, the concept of ego and its connotation with respect to reaching impeccability was quite new to him. Hence, the author enticingly and diligently embarked on the quest to comprehend the ramification of ego on man’s integrity, with the incipient understanding that ego-based ambition is not virtuous, destructive [‘the culprit’ was asked to leave the University of Illinois by a unanimous vote despite the fact that due to his seniority in the Department he was next in line and indeed eager to become the Department Chair], and is, indeed, taboo.  Therefore, the author intuitively learned that the paramount criterion is to seek complete control over one’s ego and not let ego get out of hand, and not interfere with one’s conscious decision making in life. A second important lesson learned from this ordeal was to dispense with fear as well as anger in order to be able to maintain calm and institute peace of mind in favor of productivity. In this regard, inter-relation between positive thinking and defeating the Dark was well understood.

It needs to be further clarified that Dr. Sarfarazi initially started his thesis under the ‘supervision’ of ‘the culprit’; but soon realized the difference in their thinking and philosophies. In other words, Dr. Sarfarazi could not resonate with the consciousness of ‘the culprit’ or its inadequacies. When Dr. Sarfarazi completed the formulation for his thesis and submitted it to his ‘advisor,’ ‘the culprit’ surprisingly viewed this gesture as ‘personal,’ a belittling or patronizing act directed to him as previously it had been mutually agreed that the formulation basis that ‘the culprit’ was pondering on in the past was also of the ‘fitting’ or ‘phenomenological’ type, using undefinable constants in the equations, and was, therefore, not adequately abstract, or even useful for that matter. Using tensor calculus the formulation ‘looked’ sufficiently intelligent and involved; yet it did not serve much purpose from the point of physics. This was the last meeting of student-advisor type between the two. Soon, ‘the culprit’ cut Dr. Sarfarazi from his research grant, exhibiting a tremendous amount of anger, resentment, apathy, and utter coldness for his previously, frequently, self-declared student of ‘perfection’ and ‘genius.’ By dropping Dr. Sarfarazi from the program in such a late stage in the game, he was contemplating in hurting his student so bad that he would fail to graduate. As a result, Dr. Sarfarazi requested another professor to ‘act’ as his advisor, seeing the process of thesis defense through by acting as the chairman of the thesis defense committee.   After going through emotional turmoil in the Department, facing up to other graduate students and faculty, knowing the integrity of the product he had created, he moved to write up his thesis and organized a defense committee from the best professors in the Department in the areas of mathematics, material science, continuum mechanics, metallurgy, etc.

Despite considerable advice from faculty and fellow students as to exclude ‘the culprit’ from the defense exam, Dr. Sarfarazi still BELIEVED in the goodness of the soul of mankind as to do the right thing at the moment of its coming. As a result, he invited ‘the culprit’ to be a committee member which he readily and gladly accepted. The rest, as they say, is history. ‘The culprit’ always contended that he is ‘the very devil himself,’ and often acted as cocky and as arrogant as one could imagine. The Dark was definitely within him, a concept that the author yet needed to grasp and to defeat.

It might be surprising for some who read this manuscript to digest the degree of emphasis and diligence that the author has always put on, striving to become ‘perfect’ or ‘impeccable’ inherently and intuitively. Many people, particularly in the Western society, are concerned about pleasure and self-indulgence and, and do not venture so deeply in such spiritual, psychological, and social endeavors. But, the author has always been spiritual from childhood as long as he remembers. This unfortunately, has been a deterrent to the social popularity of the author among a small group of financially successful and those who consider themselves as ‘elites’ and intellectual because of a contrived imagery of ‘self-righteousness’ that it projects to them as a result of their intense competitiveness, and thus has been somewhat sad.  This is often, particularly, transparent when those who judge you are guilty of impish acts, and they know it! 

Of course, this account highlights an extremely significant episode in the author’s present life sojourns, as the author initially dedicated almost his entire life in search of knowledge and science in order to strive to provide a service to humanity. However, soon thereafter, and upon completion of the first mission which was to complete a worthy scientific thesis, the author came to a rude awakening that the universe is perfect as it is and there is nothing that man can strive to do to ‘perfect’ its already impeccable existence. Furthermore, although, strictly speaking, there is no ambiguity or distinction with regard to ‘spirituality’ or ‘science,’ the TRUTH of the ALL MIGHTY is what man needs to focus his/her attention on and not merely the quest to ‘reinvent’ the wheel, so to speak. Life’s pursuit needs not be to strive to find out a fact or two regarding the flawless Omniverse; rather, its purpose is to acquire expanded consciousness by reaching WITHIN, and integrate all that one is capable and prone to be. In this regard, the real achievements are the very experiences that one comes across, purposefully, themselves, and not the ambition of, perhaps, grandeur in order to discover a thing or two regarding the Multiverse. The author now knows that he has learned so much from his present sojourns from incarnating on 3D Earth. They say ‘nothing happens by accident,’ and nothing could be more eloquently said as being in concert with the TRUTH. As the author looks back on his present life on Earth, it is quite transparent that everything that he has experienced family-wise, professionally, or otherwise, was carefully planned by a higher consciousness and executed in order to learn certain lessons in duality, particularly, involving the polarity integration of the ‘Light’ and the ‘Dark.’ The many noteworthy and specially targeted experiences and lessons learned, only one being described here, once seemed quite ‘unjust’ and excruciatingly painful at times. But, such are the fruits or rewards of the ‘Polarity Integration Game’ in this holographic matrix we call physicality, as it is learned so purposefully through attending the ‘School of Hard Knocks’ in the ‘Duality University of Earth.’ It has all happened according to its resolute aim and pursuit, and graduation now seems quite rewarding and fulfilling, indeed. The game of physicality, polarity, or duality, whichever is used to describe the experience, might have been an ‘illusion,’ however; the experience has been quite ‘real’ and, indeed, has causally been felt WITHIN.

Although formally awakened in June of 2011, the author has always been somewhat awakened and highly intuitive about certain controversial issues that still linger in the mind of majority of the people such as the divine, nobility, and positive potential of the mankind’s soul; extra-terrestrial origin of man; the truth of ‘aliens’ and existence of their bases underground, under oceans, and all over the world; role of ‘aliens’ in constructing the pyramids and ancient structures on Earth; existence of Sasquatch, Yeti, Big Foot, etc.; existence of low-conscious, animal-like creatures such as Snake Man, Reptoid, Dinoids,  Chupacabra, and other remnant creatures of the past which retreat to the undergrounds as a result of fear from Man; Conscious characteristic  of dolphins and wales; existence of faeries, leprechauns, orbs, etc.  

It is time for ALL to wake up from slumber NOW. This is the time of ascension. It is a new Golden Era. It is time for mankind to awaken from amnesia and start to remember. It is time to be, once again, multidimensional and welcome the new consciousness that the accelerating Light and the speeding time is bringing us via raising our vibration rate in order to be able to resonate with the higher frequency of vibrations of Heaven. And, finally, the author hopes that by having compiled and written the information in this book, and on his websites, he can shed more Light on the nature of the upcoming Ascension and the consequent future of Mankind, and his/her general role the Omniverse.

It is done in respect and appreciation for the Almighty’s ‘Divine Plan’ for humanity, and in service to God and the mankind. With Unconditional Love!