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Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi is a retired professor of “Micromechanics of Materials,” an area in science which was introduced by him and soon made popularized by other scientists in 1980’s. Dr. Sarfarazi’s published papers appearing in the [International Journal of] Fracture Mechanics under the general title of “Micromechanical Constitutive Modeling of Polycrystalline Solids.” were first of their kind to marry the qualitative experimental account of Material Science and the advanced quantitative theoretical mathematical modeling of Continuum Mechanics. A host of materials were thoroughly studied by Dr. Sarfarazi before he decided to concentrate his attention on a new and pioneering field he termed ‘micromechanics.’ The field quickly took off by many other scholars, soon culminating in numerous publications, complete symposiums, and even new University Departments dedicated to the subject area of ‘Micromechanics.’ Dr. Sarfarazi’s formulation was a genuine abstract theory on the microstructural level that clearly addressed the phenomenon of microcrack nucleation, opening of a continuum or innerspace into detectable space in the microstructure of the polycrystalline matter. A single parameter, completely verifiable through experimentation, via fundamental parameters defining the geometrical configuration of the crystalline structure as well material constants, was introduced and termed as the “Coefficient of Microcrack Nucleation.” Dr. Sarfarazi’s earlier education and work included in the area of Solid Mechanics and Structures with particular emphasis in the area of Vibrations as pertains to structures [such as Wind and Earthquake Structural Engineering] as well as other mechanical systems. His current interests include [and by no means restricted to] the areas of Quantum Mechanics and Plasma Physics.The author conducted research and instruction at such higher research and educational institutions as George Washington University, University of Maryland, Army’s Ballistic Research Laboratory, Atlantic Research Corporation, Georgia Institute of Technology, and South Dakota State University before deciding to retire from science and education. Interestingly enough, despite his educational and scientific background, the author soon came to the BELIEFS that the ‘Universe is all complete and we cannot further add to its consciousness through research, and that ‘we already contain the knowledge of ALL THERE IS within us.’ and that ‘we can discover, and we can invent; but we can never create from absolute inception as ‘all that can be created already exists.’ Furthermore, his direct experience with facing the Dark as exemplified by his recognition of ego, jealousy, and deceit as manifested through egotism, anxiety, and fear in certain self-servicing ‘colleagues’ clearly abstained the author from further venturing in what was initially fantasized or perceived by him as being ‘Noble’ science. Hence, the author enticingly and diligently embarked on the quest to comprehend the ramification of ego on man’s integrity, with the incipient understanding that ego-based ambition is not virtuous, and is, indeed, destructive. Therefore, the author intuitively learned that the paramount criterion is to seek complete control over one’s ego and not let ego get out of hand, and not interfere with one’s conscious decision making in life. A second important lesson learned from observing others was to dispense with fear as well as anger in order to be able to maintain calm and institute peace of mind. In this regard, the inter-relation between positive thinking and defeating the Dark was well understood.Although formally awakened in June of 2011, the author has always been highly intuitive about certain issues that still linger in the mind of majority of the people such as the divine and the positive potential of mankind’s soul. The author/speaker, Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, is entirely dedicated to the dissemination and conservation of the doctrines of the ‘Divine Plan,’ as are provided to him through the communications and inspirations from primarily his Higherself as supported by Metatron/Lord of Light, and other well-recognized Archangels, Ascended Masters, Divinities and Angelics. The author does not have any political, financial, religious, personal association or agenda whatsoever. His only affiliation, and indeed, devotion is to the Almighty God and our Prime Creator’s believers, disciples, and followers. His work is done in respect and appreciation for the Almighty’s ‘Divine Plan’ for humanity, and in service to God and the mankind.