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Key: Consciousness; Multidimensional; Ascension; 2012; Mayan Calendar; 5th Dimension; Spiritual; Clearing; Cleansing; Karma; Chakra; Aura; DNA; RNA; Pineal; Pituitary; Thymus; Hypothalamus; Raising Vibration Frequency; Light Quotient; Metatron; Metatronic; Quantum; Mechanics; Antimatter; Akash; Adamantine; Multiverse; Omni Earth; Parallel Dimension; Time-Space; Continuum; Time Travel; Teleportation; Bilocation; Cosmic Trigger; Triple Date; 144; Crysto-Electric; Grid; Sun Disc; Crystals; Crystalline; Vortex; Powernode; Stargate; Time Gate; Portal; Leyline; Dragon; Lines; Pyramids; Sacred Site; Sacred Geometry; Magnetosphere; Electromagnetic; Atlantis; Agartha; LeMuria; Inner Earth; Galactic Federation; Sirius; Pleiades; Arcturus; Andromeda; Annunaki; Greys; Dark Cabal; Yeti; Sasquatch; Big Foot; Orb; Devic; Faerie; Leprechaun;


With more than 150 articles logically written by the author Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D., and presented from the information compiled from the authentic channelings from the divine spiritual hierarchy such as the Creator, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and the ascended members of the Galactic Federation including Pleiadians, Serians, Nibiruans, Arcturians, Andromedans, and more, this is one of the most comprehensive information resources available regarding the anticipated 2012 inception of Ascension of Earth and humanity.  The site is continuously evolving so constantly check for new information.

The author has found neither any ambiguity nor personal agendas regarding the spiritual and scientific materials supplied by all these sources which are made accessible herein. Therefore, these are considered as statements of facts provided by experienced and highly learned entities of considerably higher dimensional consciousness than our own present state of knowledge and awareness, who are in the LIGHT, in the service of the Creator, and entirely dedicated to the dissemination of the Truth of the almighty God for the betterment of mankind and his/her ascension to the higher dimensions.

No account of information given herein is based upon any assumption, postulate, conjecture, or prophesies by any intuitive, clairvoyant, or mystic individual. They are, indeed, solely founded on the Divine and the well-established universal TRUTH of our Almighty Creator.