Objective of the Site:

The objective of this site is to introduce mankind to the future. And to understand the future we must first learn the past. This is particularly important for us because much of our past has been hidden from us. This has been achieved through careful implantation of misinformation, censorship as well as lack of proper information. Humans currently live in a false paradigm created by minority elites who have been in control of our ‘fate’ for approximately the past 13 millennia, giving rise to a fear-based, ego-driven reality that sees everything from a point of view of ‘need for survival.’ The truth of matter is that this goes against the Divine Plan which created abundance for all of us, and thus there should not be even any concern for such ‘survival.’ Unfortunately, currently over 97% of Earth’s resources have been abused, misused, and plundered by this minority few which constitute less than ½% of our population. In this regard, about 99 ½ % of our civilization would have to do with only approximately 3% of our planetary wealth thus creating the illusion for need for survivability. On the other hand, the other ½% bask themselves in utter luxury and futility, pampering themselves in ‘A-list only’ type of amenities unavailable to the public. What is ironic is that such self-indulging extravagances are constructed from the very hard-earned taxes paid by the ‘common’ public, referred to as ‘goat’ or sheep.

It actually turns out that humanity is, indeed, the crown jewel of creation. Our souls were endowed with the gifts of thoughts to create, and a full range of emotions to appreciate and enjoy our creations in full abundance, prosperity, and tranquility. ‘Survivability’ was never a parameter in the equation of our Creation. Mankind is the only sentient being in our Universe that has been awarded with the gene of COMPASSION and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, like no other. No other being is bestowed with the same range of emotional vibration frequency as us.

Since the overall plan for us as sentient beings is to evolve consciously so we may sometimes reach the exalted level of our Creator; so we may CONTRACT and join with our benevolent Creator we chose to descend to the Earth’s plane which is riddled with extreme polarities of Light and Dark in order to learn from living under the harsh condition of Duality. Initially, we were not to be enslaved by our current oppressors who are the FALLEN. However, the added constraint of bondage under condition of Duality has made our education on the University of Earth more challenging, especially that we have been made to operate in the dark and amidst lies, deceits, which is now, in modern times, has been accentuated by subliminal brainwashing, use of chemicals in food, water, air, etc. and is also exasperated by utilization of chemtrails and HARRP weaponry.

We were once the crowning achievement of humanity at the time of ATLANTIS. Never before humanity had existed under such a high status of consciousness; living in total spirituality, compassion, love, tranquility, comfort, prosperity, and abundance. Unfortunately, a group of derailed, over-ambitious, egotistical, Atlanteans from the Aryan Island (The Sons of Belial) who sought the cooperation and advice of a group of Dark renegade, the Anunnaki, who turned out to be the demise of Atlantis, and Earth, for that matter.

It is now the end of the cycle and oppression of the Dark Cabal. Their reign of tyranny is ended. It has been ordained by the Almighty, and it SHALL be done!

The advice of the deity for us is not to involve ‘others;’ do it ourselves this time, and not to substitute one suppresser with another; even if it seems as they are of the ‘Light.’ Any engagement of ‘others’ in our political, financial, social, and governmental affairs will lead to their infiltration as our masters in the future. Already, Pleiadians reflect themselves as our ‘guardians’ with a clear connotation that we are inferiors, while Sirians consider themselves acquiesced the Planet Earth, and these are the two factions who are most aggressive to land their ships and give us the ‘gifts of new technologies’ and are the most anxious to help us as our ‘space brothers and sisters!’

The truth of the matter is that if there is only one group of humans who have ‘inherited’ Earth, is us with countless reincarnations and living under the oppressive and cruel condition of bondage under Duality. What we have learned from this school of hard Knox is our own. We are blessed with the right of sovereignty and Free Will, and the Rule of Non-Interference is to be abided by at all costs.